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This site is for adults only! Some of the content may not be appropriate for minors. We do not censor the images merchants supply us with in anyway. This site is to be used by adult consumers as a reference to find retailers who sell items they are looking for. We have no affiliation with the merchants listed on this site. our Merchants use this site to advertise their wares, that's it. Every effort is made to check out the merchant when they sign up and at random intervals to ensure only the best companies are listed on Shop Hot Lingerie but we do not actually "know" the merchants and therefore cannot offer any sort of guaranty or warranty as to their trustworthiness. As always, buyer beware!

If you do find evidence that a merchant listed on this site is not holding to the highest of standards, please let us know and we will investigate. If claims can be substantiated the merchant will be suspended and/or deleted from our site. Please email us at to report bad merchants.


Membership is available only to "legitimate" merchants in the US and Canada ONLY. No affiliate sites, no eBay, Yahoo,  Amazon stores, etc... will be accepted. You must have your own website and take payments directly or through a payment gateway (PayPal, Yahoo, Google, Authorize Net, etc....). This is non-negotiable! Don't ask for a waiver.  

This site is not "pay-per-click". You will be charged based on the number of products you choose to list and the account type you choose at signup. You will never pay more than the amount you agree to before payment is made. No surprises, no hidden fees! We will process your account and payment as soon as you sign up and email a notice of acceptance or rejection to you as soon as possible. You will then be allowed to fully setup your new account. If at anytime you violate this agreement your account will be suspended and your items will be removed from display immediately, pended review.

Abuse / Misconduct

If a complaint is filed against you, ample opportunity will be given to respond to the allegations. If it is determined that you acted in a matter that was unprofessional or illegal your account may be terminated immediate. A refund for remaining "whole" months only will be issued within 30 days. No refunds will be given for partial months if your account is terminated for abuse or misconduct. The meaning of "unprofessional" is the sole discretion of Shop Hot Lingerie and it's management. You will be given ample opportunity to respond to any allegations, no action will be taken without proper evidence and investigation. Shop Hot Lingerie will not allow any illegal activity. Any evidence of such will result in immediate suspension pending further investigation. Shop Hot Lingerie will cooperate with law enforcement in any way possible to help prosecute illegal activity by any merchant. If your account is suspended and later it is determined that you did nothing wrong you will be credited with an extra month on your account. That will keep us from taking action without cause.......It will cost us money if we are wrong, not you.


Your account is not a guaranty of performance. We strive to keep site downtime to a minimum but it is bound to happen from time to time. We make no claims as to performance of your items on this site. Clicks will vary by item and retailer. No discounts will be given under any circumstances for performance issues! If you are not happy youmay cancel your account at anytime. All cancellations will be effective at the end of each month and a refund will be paid for any remaining months left on your account. No partial month refunds will be paid. You account will continue to be active until the end of the current month.

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